Florida Health Alliance PC is a state-based political committee that is incorporated under the laws of Florida and is required to abide by Chapter 106, Florida Statutes, governing campaign finance.  This fund may accept contributions in unlimited amounts from individuals, corporations, or other political committees.  We may not accept contributions from foreign nationals or foreign corporations.  

For all contributions, we must obtain the name, address, and occupation/industry of the contributor, as this information must be disclosed to the state.

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2023-2024 FSOMA $57 for 457 

It’s time to update the FL Acupuncture Practice Act

This is a critical and time-sensitive project. 
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Every regulated profession periodically reviews and updates its state statutes to maintain consistent legal practice.  This requires extra budgeting to pay for legal and government relations input and expanded legislative campaign support.  The 2023-2024 projected cost is $125,000.  

A portion of all funds contributed here will be added to the FSOMA political committee – Florida Health Alliance, PC

FSOMA’s state-based political committee is a type of U.S. tax-exempt organization organized under Section 527 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. § 527).  A 527 group is created primarily to influence the selection, nomination, election, appointment, or defeat of candidates to federal, state, or local public office.  The PAC is incorporated under the laws of Florida and is required to abide by Chapter 106, Florida Statutes, governing campaign finance. This fund may accept contributions in unlimited amounts from individuals, corporations, or other political committees. We may not accept contributions from foreign nationals or foreign corporations.

FSOMA has  only met 15% of our goal.  
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We have a long way to go. 

We must raise $125,000 by Sept 31 or we cannot run a legislative campaign in 2024. 

The Plan

FSOMA’s Legislative Committee, with input from their attorneys and government relations team, is currently finalizing its recommendations for changes to F.S. 457.  The next step is for the Committee to share its recommendation with the FSOMA Executive Committee and Board Members to be reviewed.  FSOMA’s goal is to have the proposed updates to F.S. 457 drafted by August 1st.  Following a full review and agreement by the FSOMA Board, the proposed draft language for updates to F.S. 457 will be shared with the FSOMA Membership and other stakeholders.  During the month of August, FSOMA will invite feedback and comments from the membership. A review of all input will be conducted before a bill is drafted to amend F.S. 457.  

FSOMA has surveyed several legislative candidates experienced in handling healthcare legislation and interested in supporting continued patient access to acupuncture services in Florida.  When the list of candidates is finalized, FSOMA and its legislative supporters and sponsors will likely make a joint announcement.  Ideally, this process will be completed prior to the Annual Conference where more details will be available at the General Assembly. 

Fundraising and the PAC

In 2021, FSOMA established Florida Health Alliance PC.  This political committee (also known as a PAC or connected organization) allows FSOMA to extend its advocacy efforts by adding increased fundraising potential.  It operates by raising funds that can then be donated in accordance with Florida law to political candidates, parties, and other PACs.  By pooling resources, the PAC greatly expands FSOMA’s reach to political candidates around the state who understand and support the practice of acupuncture.  

FSOMA is not a charitable organization, but it is tax-exempt under 501c6; and membership fees paid by its members qualify as a recognized business-related expense, based on FSOMA’s mission and activities.  

For tax purposes, the PAC is a tax-exempt political organization created under Section 527 of the federal tax code.  Although FSOMA members and supporters have a stake in political outcomes, individuals and businesses cannot deduct expenses related to political campaigns.  They may donate to campaigns, political parties, and PACs, but their contributions are not tax-deductible. 

Anyone with questions about qualified business expenses should consult a licensed tax professional for answers to specific tax-related questions.


Shen $2,000+  
        Julee   Miller          
Jing $1,000 - $1,999  
American Acu puncture Council Cecelia Hill   Cecilia Rusnak        
Xue $500-$999  
      Tracy Hackett*   Debra Pardee        
      Vaishal Laddu   Annie Sturman        
      Dickie Walls              
Jin Ye $200-$499  
      Carolyn Devick*   Meaghan Phillips        
      Rodney Dunetz   Ajay  Purohit*        
      Joy  Esler   Ashley Sidell*        
      Leslie Mcknight*   Kathryn Thomas*        
Qi $10-$199  
Michelle  Belanger   Beverly Fortner   JoAnne Lehrfeld*   Angela Rauter*  
Annie Belinkoff   Beverly Fortner   Bee Lan Lim   Galina Roofener  
David Bibbey   Leonardo Gallego*   Stephen Little   Danièle Saint-Cyr  
Ashlee Binns   Mario Garcia   Gretchen Lorenson   Christiane Santana  
Michael Booher   Irene Garcia*   Bonne Mclean   Michael Schwartz  
Guillermo Caceres   Sherry Gargano   Dava Michelson   Theodore Shaffer  
Darlene Carswell   Patricia Geensburg   Mark Mihaly   Kathleen  Sorenson  
Adrian Castro*   Theresa Gilmore   Alik Minikhanov*   Ellen Teeter*  
Cynthia  Clark   Carrie Graves   Juan C Morales   To The Point Billing Solutions  
Deborah Corrente*   Cynthia  Gray   Omar Morell   Rachel Toomim  
Patricia Daniel-Gregory*   James Green   Natalia Morrison   Elizabeth Trattner  
Scott Denny*   Ivaylo Gueorguiev   Erica Nabers*   Leila Trent  
Ronald Depenbrock   Ramon Gutierrez   Kim Netling   Veronica Trollerud  
Eva Drier   Claudia  Halwani   Kathy Nguyen   Meltem Turan  
Frantz Duclervil   Bill Hansen   Nicloe Noles-Collins   Richard Ulrich  
Erica Easter   Andrea Hirshorn   Esteban Ortega   Kathy  Veon  
Donna Enos   Samantha Holt-Emslie   Regina Oyarce   Vitalgate Health Corp  
Theresa Evans*   Carolyn Jaffe   Machelle Perkins   Dominique Vonador  
Shannon Faulk   Donna Mae Kini-Bowen   Laura Dawn Potter   Mary Lynn Wieber  
Jonathan Fields   Ruth Klingman   Greta Pursley   Melissa Woodle  
Justin Fontanini   Gianina Knoth   Carolyn Qubeck   Ronnie Yocham  
                  Jeffrey Zurawin  

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