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2008 Anti Aging Dunetz GEN
2008 Applied Kinesiology Bakir GEN
2008 Colorpuncture Carr GEN
2008 Herb Drug Interactions Sperber Med Error
2008 Medical Qigong Goren GEN
2008 Red Flags 1 Robinson Med Error
2008 Red Flags 2 Robinson Med Error
2008 Self Healing Goren & Laird NO CEUs
2008 Sound and Vibration Villamarin GEN
2008 Sports Medicine Bailey GEN
2008 Ten Drugs to Worry About with AOM Sperber Med Error
2008 Vestibular Disorders Patullo BIOMED
2008 Western Herbs in Chinese Medicine Linde GEN
2009 GI Images Tian BIOMED
2009 Understanding Anemia Licata BIOMED
2009 Lab Tests in Chronic Liver Disease Wen BIOMED
2009 Physical Exam Skills Part 1 Robinson BIOMED
2009 Physical Exam Skills Part 2 Robinson BIOMED
2009 Skin Conditions O’Shaunessey GEN
2009 Shoulder Joint Imaging Bailey BIOMED
2010 Diet Therapy Licata GEN
2010 TCM Treatment for GI Disorders Tian GEN
2010 Pain and Ear Acupuncture Corbin GEN
2010 Extraordinary Medicine Richardson GEN
2010 Five Element - Diagnosing and Treating the Root Cause Kowalski GEN
2010 Lab Tests and Anemia Licata BIOMED
2011 5 Element Acupuncture – Being in Rapport Kowalski GEN
2011 Assessing the Geriatric Patient Licata BIOMED
2011 Clinical Assessment and Lab Tests: What and When to Order Tian BIOMED
2011 Introducing Dietary Counseling Gaeta BIOMED
2011 Orofacial Acupuncture Vasconcellos GEN
2011 Psychobiology of Pain Robinson BIOMED
2011 Integrating Ch Med to Western Tx for TIAs Tiejun Li GEN
2012 Acupuncture For Survival (Emergency Acupuncture) Bailey GEN
2012 The Ultimate Thyroid Seminar Gaeta BIOMED
2012 Fire Spirit of the Points Kowalski GEN
2012 10 Formula Families Max GEN
2012 NSEV – Extraordinary Meridians Villamarin GEN
2013 Functional Medicine in Breast Cancer Sear BIOMED
2013 Insulin Resistance Gaeta BIOMED
2014 Essential Oils Brown GEN
2014 Part I - All Diseases Become Autoimmune Preventing And Reversing The Autoimmune Process Gaeta BIOMED
2014 Part 2 - All Diseases Become Autoimmune Preventing And Reversing The Autoimmune Process Gaeta BIOMED
2014 All Disease Comes from the Heart Zhao GEN
2015 Coming Soon    
2016 Coming Soon    
2017 Understanding the Progression of Lyme Disease Kelly GEN
2017 Understanding the Roots of Cancer Kelly GEN
2017 Herb & Drug Interactions Linde Med Error
2017 Treating Autoimmune Disease with Chinese Medicine Ng GEN
2017 Principles of Combining TCHM with Pharmaceuticals I & II  Roofener 2 Med Error + 2 Gen + 2 BIOMED
2017 The Lab Test Interpretation Tian 3 BIOMED

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