FSOMA Attends ASA Conference and Fly In

FSOMA Attends ASA Conference and Fly In

The American Society of Acupuncturists (ASA) held their annual conference in Washington DC April 5-8.  The meeting began with a national council meeting with representatives from 34 states and DC.  ASA is supported by state associations who gather to share ideas and challenges of the acupuncture profession nationally.  Representing FSOMA at the conference were: President Galina Roofener, Membership Chairman Dickie Walls, and Cynthiaann Hayes-Hurst, Advocacy Chairman.   

Discussion was centered around efforts to support HR4803, the Acupuncture for Our Seniors Act.  This bill will allow licensed acupuncturists to be authorized providers of Medicare benefits.  There are many reasons why this is important for our profession.  Recognition by Medicare will:

  1. Increase acupuncturists’ access to 60-80 million Medicare Beneficiaries, and their access to acupuncture.
  2. Help combat scope encroachment.  Medicare is paying for acupuncture services.  Other providers will step up to meet the demand.  
  3. Increase job opportunities in hospitals and other healthcare systems.
  4. Increase acupuncturists recognition among third-party payers.
  5. Encourage students to join the field.
  6. Create employment opportunities other than private practice.
  7. Increase consumers confidence in the acupuncture profession.
  8. Generate standardized data collection for the profession.
  9. Increase referrals from other practitioners.
  10. Increase eligibility for Student Loan Forgiveness.
  11. Increase opportunities for federal relief. 
  12. Allow Acupuncturists to provide direct care to Medicare recipients if they choose. 

ASA is supporting the bill with many ongoing efforts.   On Monday, April 8, ASA representatives went to the Capitol to request the support of key Congress members for HR 4803.  ASA members also offered free acupuncture treatments to Representatives and their staffs to introduce them to the power of our medicine.

 Discussions of other important issues, including:  

  • Compensation from third-party insurers
  • ICD 11 coding for Acupuncture
  • Professional advocacy for our profession
  • Dry needling and messaging about the difference in qualifications and certification compared to Acupuncture
  • Research and advances in compiling and making research results available on the web

 The weekend included 2 days of continuing education training and online courses.

The Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine Coalition was announced.  This is a new joint venture between NCCAOM, ACAHM, CCAHM, AND ASA.  This will be a joining of forces of the agencies that certify Acupuncturists, Acupuncture Schools, the association of schools, and the association of Acupuncturists.

  • NCCAOM National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
  • ACAHM Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine
  • CCAHM Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine
  • ASA American Society of Acupuncturists

These organizations will meet regularly going forward to coordinate efforts in the support and growth of Eastern Medicine.

NCCAOM is sending an important survey to all Acupuncturists.  The statistics gathered in this survey will be used to further the passage of HR4803.  It will also be used to negotiate with CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services).  It is essential to the growth of our profession that we have statistics to reflect who we are, who we serve, and how many of us are in practice.  These statistics are essential to open door in Congress, Medicare, and third party insurers.  PLEASE FILL OUT THE SURVEY WHEN IT IS EMAILED TO YOU, OR REQUEST A UNIQUE SURVEY LINK HERE

This information will go far to helping our joint efforts to grow our profession and establish our expertise as Physicians.  

The ASA Conference was a powerful gathering of those most committed to the growth, professionalism, and integrity of your medicine.  Take time to look at the ASA website ASACU.ORG

If you are a member of FSOMA, you are also a member of ASA.  Look at the FSOMA website to find the password to gain membership access to ASACU.ORG

For those who are not members of FSOMA,  IT IS TIME TO STEP UP AND SUPPORT YOUR PROFESSION.  JOIN FSOMA TODAY.  Monthly dues are only $25.  

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