Mission Accomplished!
Florida Saves Acupuncture Physician Title

When previous bills intended to restrict the use of the words “physician” or “doctor” in professional titles were introduced in Florida, they gained little traction or support. What made Senate Bill 230 different was not its language or timing, but instead the legislative leadership backing the Bill. Unlike previous efforts, in 2024, Florida’s State Senate leadership shared that SB 230 was a cornerstone in their healthcare reform agenda. Sponsorship of SB 230 was entrusted to the Health Policy Committee chairperson in the Senate, and a medical doctor elected to the leadership of the State House of Representatives. This gave gravitas and political life to an issue that had previously been floundering.

The Senate and House versions of SB 230 essentially would have banned anyone but medical doctors and osteopathic physicians from using the words “physician” in their advertisements and daily interactions with patients. Exceptions were made for chiropractic physicians, who are authorized in their practice to identify themselves as chiropractic physicians; as well as dentists and podiatrists, whose specialty recognitions and licenses can include the terms doctor, physician, and surgeon.1