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Eco-Friendly Practices in Chinese Herbal Formula Manufacturing

By Exhibitor KPC Herbs

Working with the environment and utilizing sustainable practices is essential today. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is deeply connected to the environment, farming, and agriculture, especially regarding manufacturing herbal formulas.

Using herbal formulas that have been sustainably sourced and manufactured safely to avoid contaminants allows for the best treatment results. Herbal formulas are crafted from a blend of herbs, which promote health and balance in different ways. Western pharmaceuticals often involve environmental impact reports, but some negative results show up later and may be more damaging than expected. Using properly sourced herbal formulas can help both the patient and the planet.

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TCMceuticals Fertile WIsdom Sponsored Article

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The wisdom behind these formulas comes f rom Dr. Gouping Zheng, Ph. D., DOM., L. Ac.

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