26th Annual Acupuncture Education Day  
January 8-9, 2024

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FSOMA Members have fun, network with colleagues, and do important work for our profession 
in Tallahassee for our annual advocacy campaign at the Florida Capitol. 

AcuEd Day is designed to help spread the word about the benefits of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine to people who influence the health of our profession in Florida. 

Here’s what we do!

On Monday afternoon we pass out flyers and set up tables and chairs for a Health Fair on Tuesday. 

On Tuesday we spend a wonderful Acupuncture Education Day at the Capitol Rotunda and do two major things: 

Treatment Team - Gives quick “introductory” treatments to  Florida lawmakers and Capitol staff, employees and visitors, thus introducing them to (or reacquainting them with) our beautiful medicine, and 

Legislative Visit Team - Meets with legislators or their staff to present information about out pending legislation, and educate them about the power of our medicine. 


What former FSOMA Volunteers have said

“It was one of my favorite FSOMA events.To see the government in operation inspired me a lot. It even volunteered after that as a poll worker to help protect our important democratic systems.” Daniel Litwin, The Body Result, Clearwater. 




 "I’ve been to Acu-Ed Day twice now and both times it’s been a fantastic experience, so I’m volunteering again this year. The first night we enjoy each other’s company at a casual group dinner and meet with FSOMA’s lobbyists to hear about current events and initiatives impacting our profession. At the Capitol, it’s wonderful to introduce people unfamiliar with the medicine to our art and also to see staffers’ faces light up because they remember us and look forward to our appearance every year! I just love the camaraderie with my colleagues and meeting my lawmakers. I feel that Acu Ed Day is one of the most important things FSOMA does.” Rev Doc Lisa, IntegralHealer, Miami.

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A Glimpse into 2023 AcuEd Day


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A Glimpse into 2022 AcuEd Day


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