The Florida Department of Health requires Licensed Acupuncturists to be registered as Biomedical Waste Generators.  The good news is you can file for an exemption after a year if you generate less than 25 lbs of waste per month. Here is their overview

"All commercial facilities that produce sharps or other biomedical waste are required to obtain an annual permit from the County Health Department of jurisdiction. After 12 months of operation, any facility that has produced less than 25 pounds of biomedical waste each month may apply for exemption from the permit fee at the next permit renewal period. "

Click here for Application for Biomedical Waste Generator Permit/Exemption

Click here for a TRANSPORT LOG: NON-REGULAR PICK-UPS.  This is a tracking form provided by the State of Florida to track your medical waste and keep track of weight per month.

Each county may have additional forms/fees so make sure you check with the coordinator of YOUR county as well.  Here is a link to coordinators

 Here are additional documents from Orange County