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Galina Roofener HeadshotGalina Roofener LAc, LCH is committed to changing lives exponentially through facilitation of interdisciplinary collaboration between Western and Eastern medical communities through integrative & holistic healthcare and education.

ICD-11 is coming to the US in 2023 and the acupuncture profession needs practitioners who can use this diagnostic classification system and be prepared for integration into jobs in the Western Medical world.

These classes are designed to improve your skills in navigating the western medical world, boost your ability to keep stellar medical records and tighten up your TCM pattern diagnosis skills.

Roofener has partnered with FSOMA to offer both FL CEUs and NCCAOM PDAs for these classes 

FSOMA believes that this training is essential for the future of our profession as it is integrated into Western Medicine settings.

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1. TCM Herbal Practice Safety Standards and Medical Errors Prevention Guidelines: The Cleveland Clinic Model 6 PDA

2. Safety & Regulations of TCM Herbal Telemedicine 4 PDA

3. Traditional Medicine Standard Terminology: Bridge to the ICD-11 Billing Practice  21 PDA

4. Modern Pulse Diagnosis: Mobile ECG Based 12 PDA

5. Principles of Combining TCHM with Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals 6 PDA 

6. Pharmaceuticals - TCM Materia Medica 6 PDA

7. Nutraceuticals - TCM Materia Medica  6 PDA