I saved $700 today versus other quotes I had received because I used FSOMA Director Ellen Teeter's recommendation to use Schlitt Insurance for my malpractice and Business Hazard Insurance policies. Kudos to FSOMA and Ellen. It pays to be a FSOMA member.
Harvey Kaltsas, AP
I can’t thank FSOMA enough for the support you give. This has helped so much ! I wasn’t sure what I was going to do or how to handle this.  This was so helpful.
Thank you !
Susan P

The online support from you guys has been fantastic with sample forms and all the great information.  I was able to get my policies and procedures updated and forms in place to see my patients.  I'm glad I have been in business for 19 years and had many things already in place.
Thank you for all your and David's help!!


I really appreciate all the work FSOMA has done regarding the impact of COVID-19. I’m hoping to reopen soon, and the process is less daunting with the help provided.   


I am a little late in expressing this, but thank you thank you thank you. The work and time you have put into helping the members of FSOMA during this time is extraordinary. This presentation saved me hours and hours of research and time. Our yearly fee has been repaid ten times over.

In much appreciation and gratitude

The Town Hall was THE BEST for guidance on reopening.


The information you shared is so very thorough! Appreciate it. I am a retired critical care RN. Appreciate the organization and recommendations!  


Excellent presentation this evening from you, David and Marilyn.  Priceless


Thanks for the link.  I will definitely check it out.  I am impressed and pleased that FSOMA has so many resources.  Lots of things for me to look into and learn about during this COVID 19/social distancing period.  I will not be bored, that is for sure!

I can’t find the words for what you three presented last night and the forms etc you sent. 

Your guidance these past weeks has made such a difference in our lives.  PLEASE know we all appreciate it.

I just want to say “Thank you”, for the ongoing work all of you have been doing for all of us.
I watched the replay- it was very helpful and an excellent resource.

I am grateful for the resources you provided for David did an amazing job. I support FSOMA 100%.   I don’t think practitioners realize what supporting this profession entails. Keep up the good work.


Thank you so much for a well prepared and presented program. Top notch!
All the handouts are a boon for everyone's practice.  Again thank you a thousand fold for all your support.

Great job last night to all that made it happen never been so proud of FSOMA