Now a 3 Hour Webinar with credit good towards a day long live class later. 

You can register here through Thursday March 19, 2020 and still participate

Take an in-depth dive into the pulse with author of  "The Pulse Atlas:
An Illustrative Guide to Pulse Diagnosis”,  Greg Cicciu,L.Ac.

Explore -

  • The yin and yang of the pulse
  • Qualitative vs Quantitative aspects
  • Precise location

Learn -

  • The foundational diagnosis from the pulse
  • Identify the pulse difference between physical organ vs the function of the organ
  • Locate pain through the pulse and letting that guide your acu-point

This Workshop is designed for Acupuncture Physicians looking to elevate their clinical diagnosis technique, and efficiency in their practice management.

You will be immersed in hands-on training, visual aids and in depth conversation.
You will feel engaged and inspired  to experience the pulses in greater depth.

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*Part of the proceeds will go towards the Lynn Thames Scholarship Fund*   
3 FL CEUs this Saturday + an additional 6 CEUs at a later date

Location: Register and you will be sent a link 
Date: March 21, 2020 12noon-3:15pm  

FSOMA and FCIM Alum $180
FCIM Alumni Contact Mary Simmons for a discount code
Non Member $200

About the presenter: Greg Cicciu L.Ac

Headshot Greg CicciuGreg Cicciu, L.Ac., author of the 2011 publication, “The Pulse Atlas: An Illustrative Guide to Pulse Diagnosis”, began studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1993 where he began acupuncture school at the first of two schools he attended before graduating in 1998 from the Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine!   His pulse studies began while in a five element school in Jacksonville, Florida, having to feel 24 different peoples’ pulses per week for the entire program.  Later he met and studied with the late Jim Ramholz, an accomplished Master pulse diagnostician.  He has been providing Chinese medical services, acupuncture, Chinese herbs and massage in Colorado since 1998 and is currently a head supervisor in the CSTCM Student Clinic. Greg also lectures on TCM and wellness topics such as Auriculotherapy, Tuina, and Acupressure for horses and dogs.

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