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"Freeing the Heart” by Releasing the Bodyʼs Central Linkage 
Thursday, July 25, 2019, 8:00 AM to Friday, July 26, 2019, 5:00 PM EDT
Category: NON FSOMA CEU Classes

"Freeing the Heart” by Releasing the Bodyʼs Central Linkage 
July 25th and 26th 2019
Comfort Inn and Suites
6752 W Indiantown Rd., Jupiter, FL 33458    
16 CE’s approved by Acupuncture, NCB, & Florida Boards

  • Heart disease is the #1 cause of death, eclipsing all forms of cancer combined. 
  • Someone has a heart attack every 34 seconds. 
  • Every 60 seconds, someone in the United States dies from a heart disease-related event. 
  • What is rarely considered is how the heartʼs progression into dysfunction and disease is a significant factor in “chronic somatic ailments which persist even with competent care.” 
  • “Fresh blood: filled with oxygen, nutrition, and hormones is the bodyʼs most precious healing resource.”  Without enough of this healing resource, tissues and cells begin to degrade in their function. 
  • “Pain is the cry of a nerve for blood,” is one of the oldest axiomʼs in Osteopathic Medicine. 


Freeing the Heart” by Releasing the Bodyʼs Central Linkage is a comprehensive introduction toward how we as allied health practitioners can play a preventative role in its progression. Participants will leave with a more comprehensive understanding of, “how the human body really works.”  Your clients will truly thank you for having taken this course. 

During this workshop participants will learn: 
 How to interview a client with chronic symptoms. This will be modeled. 
 Somatic markers will be described for when Referral to a Physician is indicated. 
 An Assessment Sequence will be demonstrated and practiced. 

Techniques will be presented & practiced that: 
 Release the Bodyʼs Core Line and Central Linkage(s).
 Enhance the heartʼs ability to pump more blood by reducing resistances to its expansion.
 Restore the mechanisms that naturally assist venous & lymphatic return. 
 Decrease the tone of the Nervous Systemʼs Fight / Flight / Freeze responses and enhance the neural outflow of its Rest and Restore capacity. 
 Reduce common obstacles to the return of raw blood products to the heart/lung complex. 

Enhancing your Competence is how you expand your client base and grow your prosperity...      This course will do both!

Registration:   Pre-registration:  $300.00                                        
                         After July 1, 2019:  $345.00                                  
Write checks to: Averell Dadone-Duche LMT 
                         12784 82nd Ln N
                         West Palm Beach FL 33412 
                         Averell’s cell: 561-310-9012
email: [email protected]

What to Bring: Loose fitting, layered clothing to ensure easy movement and your warmth in A/C; blankets, pillows and massage table (if driving to the workshop); food items to balance your blood sugar, as needed.

Extra Clinic Day: Wednesday 7/24/19 there will be a Clinic day at Averell’s home.
Dale will take 5 appointments. There is a $35.00 charge to observe

Contact: Averell’s cell: 561-310-9012