CEBroker Updates Your Account Pages
(and it's a little confusing)
CEBroker Initial Screen shot
I saw the above image and panicked, I’m actually 93% competed, only 7% left to go.
When I pulled up this next screen it got a little better.
Please note oin the image below little gear in the upper right corner - use it to go to the former view.
Also if you note under the red bar on the right is the date range covered on this transcript. 
The 3 buttons to the right of the dates will allow you to print or download the transcript 
CEBroker Summary
The image above still looks like Not Complete........93%, but shows I only need 2 more hours. 
Then the summary starts with which category is needed - which is good
The completed categories are surrounded with green and a light green background.
 Summary of Classes
You need to know that if you have extra hours this view
does not list every CEU hour that has been reported. 
My transcript does, but another I've viewed just shows what met the requirements
Once you reach your max it doesn't list the classes on this screen.